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Month: January, 2015

How to Find and Date Older Women Online

If you’re looking to meet older women online, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. A lot of guys think that if you’re looking for a particular niche of women, you have to turn the Internet upside down to get this small group of people. The reality is that older women are everywhere. If you’re looking for women older than 40 to have sex with, they’re everywhere. A lot of them have been divorced or are single moms. Whatever their story is, they’re everywhere.
One of the worst ways you can sabotage your online dating success is you automatically assume that the demographic you’re looking for is rare. There’s nothing rare about older women. Even older women who are down to fuck younger guys are not rare at all. You got to get that out of your mind.
Dating websites are a dime a dozen
Another key problem with trying to meet older chicks to bang is the idea that you only need to go to one specific dating website or there is some sort of magic bullet dating platform you need to go on and all your dating supply and demand issues would go away. It doesn’t work that way. The reality is that there are just too many dating websites out there. They are a dime a dozen. You can try to filter them based on older women who fit a particular profile. Good luck with that. It’s much better to go to a more specialized type of website that is built from the ground up to attract this kind of female demographic.
It all boils down to quality communication
Once you have gotten on to the right dating site, you can’t just open an account and just leave it there. You’ll be paying money month after month and still end up jerking off alone at home. That’s not the way to go. Instead, you have to communicate with women there. Use the database to filter the active women there and send a lot of messages. Work on your communication skills.
Make sure your profile isn’t driving women away
Make sure that you don’t post a creepy picture or you don’t mention certain things you shouldn’t mention on your profile. You have to understand that your profile is supposed to attract women, not drive them away. You’re not going to impress women by pictures of your muscles. That’s for sure.